Business Contract Lawyer in Seattle, WA

Business Contract Lawyer in Seattle, WA

From the initial business formation documents and operating agreements to sales agreements and employment contracts, running a successful business requires understanding and skillfully using contracts to help your business grow. We at the Law Offices of James W. Talbot, PLLC, have the experience to help you make the most of your contracts.

Our Seattle Operating Agreement Lawyer Gets Your Business Off To The Right Start

If you are looking to start a business, we can help you make sense of the various corporate entities and select the one best suited to your personal situation and business goals. We ask our clients several questions, including:

  • How will profits be distributed among the partners?
  • How will liabilities be distributed?
  • How will new partners be brought into the business?
Knowing how they want their business to operate helps our clients make better business decisions. We make their priorities the guiding principle in business formation, creating operating agreements that avoid personal liability and maximize the working relationship between partners. We want our clients' businesses to succeed, and we know that having a sound operating agreement in place is crucial to ensuring future success.

Practical Legal Advice For Established Businesses

King County business contract attorney James W. Talbot helps established businesses navigate the array of contracts that they encounter. We make sense of existing marketing agreements, trademark licensing agreements, master services agreements and other contracts to help our clients benefit from them. Knowing that our clients need to be able to quickly understand their contract obligations, we work with them to draft contracts in the simplest terms possible. We want our clients to know exactly what they have to do - and what they are entitled to receive - under their contracts. When there has been a breach of contract, we help our clients assess whether litigation is an option to pursue.

We take pride in providing practical, efficient legal counsel to our clients. We know how important the bottom line is for any business, and we provide only the necessary legal services to our clients, keeping expenses low while maximizing the benefits that they receive.

The Law Offices of James W. Talbot, PLLC, helps our business clients every step of the way. We look forward to being able to help you too. Contact our Seattle, Washington, office online or call 206-605-9047 to schedule an initial consultation. We also offer consultations and other legal services in Japanese.